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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] yesterday afternoon, reporters from the Dongguan Public Security Bureau, the city launched the "3 + 2 + 2" special combat campaigns, municipal public security authority in conjunction with food pharmaceutical, industry and commerce, quality supervision, tobacco and other functional departments of counterfeiting initiative Mopai clues on fake goods production and other criminal conduct hot pursuit. As of July 15, the city's public security organs investigation IPR infringement and selling counterfeit money case 127 false invoices, detection 97, and seized various types of counterfeit goods worth over 33.35 million yuan RMB, counterfeit trademarks over 500 million pieces. counterfeit products involves a number of fields According to the Municipal Public Security Bureau relevant person in charge, this year the incidence and detection data from analysis, in which case of counterfeiting registered trademarks and the sale of counterfeit registered trademark case still is in Dongguan City, multiple types of cases, accounting for 67.5 percent, manufacture and sale of counterfeit registered trademark case followed, accounting for 25%. reporter learned that the criminals selling fake goods can be described as all-pervasive. Infringement of intellectual property cases in public security organs cracked in order to fake "NIKE", "ADIDAS" and other brand spor Cheap air jordans for sale ts shoes, fake "Samsung", "Apple" brand electronic products, fake "Chinese", "Double Happiness" and other brands of tobacco products based, and great harm to society, mainly in the fake "Arowana" oil, fake "Qingdao", "Pearl River" and other brands of beer, as well as counterfeit tobacco products, such as daily contact with the public and food products. For example, the recent Liaobu Public Security Bureau with the support and guidance of the Council's relevant departments, successfully dismantled an illegal counterfeiting registered trademarks Nestle dens, arresting four suspects and seized counterfeit trademark Nestle English and foil graphics roll film bags 465 volumes. companies involved the use of forged Thai authorized production counterfeiting Nestle book bags. July 1 at 10 am, after two months of consecutive months of waiting for the investigation, the task force within the aluminum products company in one fell swoop and arrested Li Mourong shareholders, ????? and sales Lee and 3, and in the company Volume seized 65 bags of counterfeit trademarks Nestle warehouse. 11 pm the same day, in the Shenzhen-UNITA Technology company Nestle warehouse and seized 400 counterfeit trademarks volumes bags. individual shops farmers' markets are the hardest hit Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau, responsible person also introduced, according to the survey, the majority of fake goods molecules are mainly the sale of counterf Cheap air jordan 12 ovo eit goods and to self-employed shop, farmers market and the urban fringe. Therefore, the majority of consumers in the purchase of goods, the best choice for regular chain stores or Goodwill store better, pay attention to packaging quality, not to seek cheaper to buy than the genuine low-priced products, daily life learning to identify counterfeit note Tips products. Police also reminded the public once found selling fake goods crimes, can report to the business or the public security department. According to "the province's economic crime reports involving fake special incentive fund management approach (revised 2015)" provides that public security organs cracked provide important clues in criminal cases will be given certain incentives. Case: fake Nike sold all April 9 this year, city police on information, Houjie Town Fumin Commercial Street Chu Kee leather shoe integrated market and village Houjie Town of Dongguan City on the 13th hole Watergate seized fake "NB", "NIKE "," ADIDAS "6,185 pairs of sneakers, as well as a number of sales documents, the scene and arrested the suspect Zhang powder man. After further review of the case, on May 12 at 16 pm, city police of the town Management District Liu Ha Chuk Yuen Village Road, the ground floor shopping mall election blessing inspect the scene and seized fake "NIKE", "NB "," ADIDAS "and other brands of more than 5,000 pairs of sneakers, arrested ????? et al. buy fake bra cheap jordan shoes for men nd sports shoes from Fujian and other places by the investigation, the suspect Zhang powder and ????? et al., Subsequently sold through Taobao, QQ, micro letters and other network platforms and software. Currently, the Municipal Public Security Bureau has identified on-line and off-line Zhang powder and ????? circumstances, the campaign has made the country ready to close the net cluster. Next, city police said it would strengthen inspections online, Internet selling and resolutely combat criminal acts, please consumers actively report. (. Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Chinese footwear Footwear News named the top ten brands: Nike, Karma lotus) & nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] May 19, custom sneakers is not a novelty, sporting goods giant Nike and Adidas have long introduced customers can choose the color scheme of sports shoes , and sneakers custom now about to open a new trend - Adidas will use a mobile phone on the line in August this year, it can customer selected Instagram photos printed on their classic "clover" series ZX Flux new running shoes. Adidas and its transformation, in April this year launched a new ZX Flux's classic running shoes running shoes ZX8000 in the 25th anniversary of the advent of three distinctive "Photo Print" pattern boldly into a vamp Art canvas, whether it is abstract geometric patterns, multicolored polygons printing o cheap foamposites r surging waves ripple, are highly visual impact. Adidas by new applications, customers can iPhone or Android phone on any Instagram photos printed on the ZX Flux running shoes, unique in the world in order to customize a pair of running shoes. As long as the customer happy, print pictures from camera or food is not a problem. I believe that most people in such a pair of expensive shoes custom would be more cautious, but if one day you see someone wearing a printed pattern ZX Flux wonderful running shoes, please do not make a fuss in the street. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)After the adidas D Howard 4 from Warcraft Asia trip to Taiwan has appeared in front of you prospecting shoe, if you remember the previously described Adidas D Howard 4 design share words mentioned this color inspiration from TV to noise, noise and using lime upper green color on the side of some electro-optic QuickZone part, a the effect of the finishing touch! If you like this color, you can buy it at Finishline, a foreign shopping website, for $125, and there is no information available in Taiwan. source: SoleCollectorRose Asia Tour - Japanese fans interact with fans TS Creator 08~09, dressed in season, won the rookie of the year. But the Bulls color with murderous is handsome. TS Lightning Creator TS Lightning Creator is quite powerfu cheap jordans for sale l, in addition to the existing Formotion suspension system, also joined the CLIMACOOL function, also seems to notice the upcoming Rose outbreak skills with performance. After the TS Cut Creator Adidas TS Cut Creator, Rose became the main spokesperson series, plus a pair of the other more streamlined, but the style is quite fit for use with the Rose Cut as the name. TS Supernatural Creator this is the last Rose in double Adidas TS series models, the redesigned Supernatural outsole provides Adidas basketball shoes than in the past more vivid sense of space with a sense of shock, the shock absorber technology and precision fit-Foam lining. Adizero Rose adidzero Rose, in addition to Rose's first personal endorsement shoes, adizero also represents him on behalf of a pair of super lightweight shoes. Adizero Rose 1.5 season is aimed at encapsulation and permeability to strengthen, Adidas launched version 1.5. Adizero Crazy Light Adidas designed for professional basketball players in the history of the lightest basketball shoes, and in the end of the season, Adidas is mainly based on Rose, launched the history of the lightest amount of basketball shoes adizero, Crazy, Light. Adizero Rose 2 adiZero Rose 2 using the last season the limelight CrazyLight the same technology - Sprint Frame, Sprint Web elements as the performance of the base, at the same time characteristic and the demand for Rose to do a lot of personal ascension. Adizero Ro cheap jordans online se 2.5 ankle is to maintain a high cylinder version Rose favorite and exclusive heel in three lines, Ankle Pillow and ankle pillow design configuration by GEOFIT technology which consists of lining, a substantial increase in the ankle stability and comfort. Rose 3, Rose 3 uses the latest Derrick Rose 〉 mita sneakers x ASICS Tiger GEL-MAI "Black Panther" to the domineering but light inside feeling, not wantonly with leopard grain uppers, but embedded in the support plate under the suede nylon cloth, high reflection rate and vivid show of animal fur luster, no lining design like cat walking posture, and elegant full of beauty, to the bottom with? FuzeGEL cushioning technology, bring comfortable wear like a cat with experience, finally together with the heel claw marks are clean white show, far see only black and white, but look at the ocean structure and printing overflow complex, which is why with ambition but to describe the light inside. ASICS Tiger is the tiger has the auditory and visual acuity at night, Mita sneakers selected the Panthers have amazing moment of acceleration, when the two kings of beasts with perhaps fear to three points. mita sneakers x ASICS Tiger GEL-MAI "Black Panther" will be on July 1st at Mita sneakers and ASICS? Japan's designated shops sold, priced 16000 yen (before tax), model (before tax), including male version and female ruler. source: Mita, sneakers, True Sport Performance "uphold th cheap jordans for sale mens e core spirit of the professional sports brand? - Arthur (ASICS), to assist the various degree and field athletes enhance the exercise effect, officially launched with lightweight cushioning and multifunctional new training shoes fuzeX TR. From high intensity interval training, free weight training to jogging on the treadmill, the versatile fuzeX TR is the best choice for training shoes! is designed for lightweight high strength and high speed training to create shock absorption buffer function for general shoes, exercise effect due to the light-weight and buffering function between the shoes is difficult to have both limitations. Arthur Sports Institute (ASICS Institute of Sport Science fuzeX TR) in the process of research and development, successfully overcome this difficulty, developed a new patented lightweight fuzeGEL midsole provides excellent shock absorption buffer capacity to lighter and thinner soles. With US 9 and a half size shoes as an example, fuzeX TR has excellent shock absorption buffer capacity, but the shoes for Arthur's other than weight training series of shoes light 5%, only 260 grams. 's outstanding grip for multi-directional movements to create multifunctional shoes, fuzeX TR is equipped with a full range of training features, including the forefoot flex grooves designed for excellent grip for multi direction movement training, and training in a variety of terrain, enough to strengthen the adhesion of Retro jordans for sale the bottom shoe pattern. multifunctional design designed to improve the effectiveness of the chain , S613N-4393, S613N-9685, S663N-1717, S663N-3893 ASICS fuzeX TR NT$Nike is located in Oregon and Doernbecher children's hospital cooperation has entered the 11th anniversary this year, to commemorate the dedication and efforts of both sides in the project, the Nike launched a very rich way to celebrate, in "What The" the concept of the event continues to grow, with its classic shoes Dunk High as SB based on the collection of paintings, in the past 13 SB shoes, 42 kinds of different design elements to create. colorful vamp design will be "What The" program with the essence of play to the fullest, but also to witness the Nike and Doernbecher hospital cooperation process of this historical process. But because of this Nike Dunk High SB be not of the common sort, "What The Doernbecher" will appear in eBay in the form of auction from abroad in June 11th began to auction, and only a limited number of double 11. Nike_What_The_Doernbecher_BOX_OPEN_collection_native_600Nike_What_The_Doernbecher_BOX_OPEN_collection_native_600 Nike_What_The_Doernbecher_BOX_CLOSED_back_native_600Nike_What_The_Doernbecher_BOX_CLOSED_back_native_600 Nike_What_The_Doernbecher_BOX_CLOSED_front_native_600Nike_What_The_Doernbecher_BOX_CLOSED_front_native_600 〈br nike-sb-what-the-doernbecher-11nike-sb-what-the-doernbecher-11 nike-sb-what-the-doernbec Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping her-61nike-sb-what-the-doernbecher-61 〈br nike-sb-what-the-doernbecher-13nike-sb-what-the-doernbecher-13 nike-sb-what-the-doernbecher-10nike-sb-what-the-doernbecher-10 〈〉 shoelace originally is intended to provide the wearer in the set of shoes have good effect after coating, and even bring a sense of security and comfort to the feet, with the change of material and technology nowadays shoe laces have no breakthrough, seems to be quite an issue worthy of discussion. The ever evolving Adidas UltraBOOST series, from 1 to 3, even if only for some of the details of the adjustment, but still develop their own unique tonality, but also to everyone in the selection of more diverse. This is the debut of the new Laceless series first equipped with shoelaces version of the system, through the Primeknit line for coated fabric shoes every block for strengthening, in addition to replace the traditional shoelace tied function, but also enhance the convenience of wearing off, in addition to the previously released white style, this pair of it is with orange show mixed knitting the effect way to jump in a foot, originally more dark color, the United States is expected to release in August, priced it at $200, if there is further information related to Taiwan sell we will organize and share in the station, reporting to you. source: Sole Collector global body-building exercise more and more prosperous, more shoes is the mo Retro jordans for sale st important part of all sports equipment, from indoor to outdoor sports training, to meet the needs of different skills, to select suitable sports shoes is very important. Have a pair of sports shoes for their own, in addition to improving the efficiency of movement, but also can avoid unnecessary sports injuries. Professional sports brand PUMA in this season introduced a specialized training in moderate aerobic exercise shoes - Pulse XT, the so-called sports training in the gym shoes refers to muscle endurance training or aerobic dance training wear shoes. The training of the shoe itself requires adequate encapsulation and elasticity, and supports lateral stability and sensitivity when moving around. PUMA Pulse XT, the front end of the sole adopts a flat rubber block pad, and the pivot rotation point is added to provide better ground reaction and increase the shock resistance at the stop stop transition. The rear end of the sole is fitted with a full length curved groove, which gives the athlete better stability in the course of lateral movements, squats, and squats, and improves safety greatly. additionally, the Pulse XT upper features a comfortable and breathable open knit upper, which covers high and keeps the flexibility of the feet moving. Full body weight of shoes is only 166 grams, light weight without burden. The new PUMA Pulse XT aerobic exercise shoes with pure tone, emphasis on simple neat will sense of movement. PUMA Pulse XT pricing NT $2880. day before the survey was invited to the editorial department. K-SWISS CLUB 1966 Classic Exhibition, the name of the exhibition dates back to 60s of the birth of the brand, from the Swiss Brunner brothers moved to southern California, sunny weather let them begin to contact the tennis, but found that most tennis players really function without a pair of tennis shoes, so that in 1966 they to launch a full leather with shock-absorbing soles are functional shoes - "The Classic", this story has become the exhibition to reason. in order to let more people know the historical background of the brand, in May 22nd, K-SWISS in G.C.D.C. Gallery + Store Club 1966 launch limited during the exhibition, the entire space will create American retro The Racquet Club Hotel, showing each period K-SWISS images with different shoes, in addition to pay tribute to the achievements of the past, at the same time to introduce those shoes will to the original regression or debut with a new outlook. display this classic black and white "The Classic" and Classic VN, Classic Mid Classic evolution of the middle series of shoes, and the 2015 main series of brand shoes SI-18 International OG regression to introduce synchronization. , K, swiss-1966, event-15k, swiss-1966, event-15 , K, swiss-1966, event-5k, swiss-1966, event-5 , K, swiss-1966, event-7k, swiss-1966, event-7 , K, swiss-1966, event-4k, swiss-1966, event-4 , K, swiss-1966, event-9k, swiss-1966, event-9 , K, swiss-1966, event-13k, swiss-1966, event-13 , K, swiss-1966, event-8k, swiss-1966, event-8 SI-18 International OG at the scene of the show in addition to that version, can also see the British Wimbledon tournament, as well as the existence of official color models in June 16th limited edition of the global common sense is very strong, with a Pink Suede as the main body of the atmos limited joint section "Sakura Blossom", through the change of colors and materials with different classical feeling. with classic shoes 〉There 's something about seeing pics of unreleased samples that s so bittersweet. On the one' hand, it 's in our nature as sneakerheads to want to see every Air Jordan colorway ever produced, but it can be a hard pill to swallow when you see some of the incredible kicks that never made it to retail. In the case of this Bordeaux Air Jordan VII, the colorway is nothing new to Jordan fans, but how bad does it burn you to know that these classics almost made it to stores as a Retro release Apparently, these size? 9 samples were created back in 2001 but were eventually scratched, in favor of the "Raptors, which" were brought back in 2002. As of now, there is no plan to re-release these gems anytime soon so needless, to say, there are a l Ot of collectors out there that would kill to get their hands on these. The good news is that you can check out a ton of images after the jump, and if you re ready to drop some "serious dough, this incredibly rare size sample is available now from everyonesen〉 9Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost hot topic character not only factors that a single factor, the designer Kanye West itself in the fashion circle of appeal and Adidas Yeezy series of design level also occupies a large part, many celebrities on foot, in pursuit of the trend at the same time, also expressed the capability of Kanye design approved. Today brings on foot luxeluce00 network trendsetter collocation, feel about this pair of shoes in the overall effect of collocation. 0.jpg (152.53 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-18 upload at 11:59 1.jpg (146.92 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-18 upload at 11:59 2.jpg (160.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-18 upload at 11:59 3.jpg (255.55 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-18 upload at 11:59 4.jpg (215.03 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-18 upload at 11:59 5.jpg (247.91 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-18 upload at 11:59 6.jpg (123.77 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-18 upload at 11:59 7.jpg (142.22 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-18 upload at 11:59 8.jpg (134.72, KB, s)

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